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GDPR Compliance Ireland - Heaventree Design Galway

GDPR WebReady is brought to you by Heaventree Design. We are a long-standing design agency located in the heart of Galway City, Ireland. We are one of the leading and most prolific design agencies in the West of Ireland.

Focusing on the large-scale development of E-commerce, directory and booking platform, we have built a solid reputation as a leading provider of web technologies in Galway and the greater western region.

We have been preparing for the arrival of the GDPR legislation for some time and have produced a leading set of fully compliant GDPR documents to suit every website.

We have worked tirelessly over the last 6 months to ensure all documents we provide you give you greatest legal certainty and cover in the rare event of data breach and provide clear information to all site visitors on what to collect, how you store it and how you process and remove it upon request.

Once ordered, your documents will be ready within two weeks. All our documents come fully checked and verified as fully GDPR complaint by a solicitor, Barrister, and US Attorney, they provide unrivaled protection for your website and your business.

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